Order issues

Where’s my order?
All orders are sent fully tracked by Amazon. Delivery time is typically 1–2 days but may be longer for more remote locations. Keep an eye on your email inbox as you’ll receive a tracking email from Amazon when your order is dispatched. If delivery’s taking longer than expected, please double check you provided the full and correct address in your order and notify us ASAP on the support form below if there are any errors.

I’ve had a notification that my order is here, but I can’t find it!
If you’re sure that your delivery hasn’t been taken in by a neighbour or left in a safe place around your property, please contact our support team on the form below.

I didn’t receive an order confirmation email
Please check your spam folder, or any other email addresses you might have used when buying your game. If you still can’t find a confirmation email, we can resend it – let us know on the support form below.

I need to change my shipping address!
Contact us as soon as possible and we’ll try our very best to change the address on your order. We do aim to get orders out as speedily as possible though, so we might not be able to change your address if the shipping process has already started.

Can I play before my game arrives?
No, you can't activate the app to play Outsmarted until your game arrives - your licence key to activate the app is in the box!

Can I order extra miniatures?
We’ll try our best! It’ll depend on where you are and what miniatures we have available at that time – drop us a line on the support form to make a request.

I ordered a bundle - will this be delivered with my game?
A "bundle" is the game, with question Multipacks included. These multipacks are a digital product, to go alongside the physical product of the game board. When you place your order, you’ll receive a redeem code by email. Use this to activate these extras in the game once it’s installed and registered.


Watch How to Play video
We recommend all new players watch our handy How to Play video, which includes everything you need to know to set up Outsmarted as well as mastering gameplay. Click here to watch now

Download Instructions
Click here to download the full instructions for the game, which includes a Quick Start guide. You can access this in the app by tapping the book icon on the top right of your screen.

Installing the app
Download Outsmarted via Google Play, the App Store or our website. Prefer to install on a Windows device such as your laptop? Download here.

As a new player, we recommend you read through our handy FAQ here.

Choosing a host device
The “host device” is the device you use to start the game. Outsmarted can be registered on up to three personal devices - however, only the host device needs to be registered using the licence key.

We recommend that unless you’ll need multiple host devices (such as if you are travelling) that you stick with only one device as the host. Other devices can install the app and join the game using the join game code.


Greyed out questions
If you’re playing Outsmarted with junior players (8-12 years), you may notice some of the question categories are greyed out and not selectable. This means that these particular categories do not contain junior-level questions and cannot be used in a game which includes junior players.

Why does the app contain genius miniatures that were not included in my box?
Since Outsmarted was first produced back in 2020, not every edition has included the same set of six genius. App miniatures may be available for purchase; please contact our support team to make a request.

My sound isn’t working!
This will be because your device is muted. In your browser, search for "unmute my xxx", substituting your device type and model number for “xxx”. Please be aware that even if your device is playing sounds through other apps such as YouTube, this fix will work – the Outsmarted app does not play sounds via the same mechanism as these apps!

I can’t log in to your website!
You don’t need to! The login box on the website is for your Shopify online shopping account, and it is not part of Outsmarted. You never need to log in to anything to use Outsmarted or our website, so if you see a login box you can ignore it!

The join-game code isn’t working
One of the following will be the problem:
1. One of the devices in the game doesn’t have the latest version of the app - please download the latest version of the app on every device.
2. The join-game code is being mis-typed by a joining player – make sure to use capitals and lower case exactly as displayed.
3. The device which started the game (the host) is not waiting for the other players to join. The host must wait at the stage where the players appear behind their podiums - until all joining players have a tick against their podium.

Talk function is not working
The talk function works if a player taps and holds the Talk button. Only one player may talk at any one time. The Talk option will only be available if the device owner said "Yes" when asked, at time of install, whether they allow Outsmarted app to have access to audio. Many players find for remote games that it works best to use a separate device for a video call or group WhatsApp call before starting the game, to make talking and feeling part of things easier!

I am getting repeat questions
First check that you haven’t completed the question pack. The six core question categories contain 6500+ questions but the add-on packs are much smaller. If you’ve used all questions for an age group in a pack, then the questions will repeat. Add-on packs are for limited use and typically last 2-3 games. If you’re getting repeat questions in packs that you have not completed, please contact our support team on the form below.

You sent me a discount code and it doesn’t work!
Please check the details of the offer – discount codes and special offers are always for specific websites, specific products and specific dates so please ensure that you have noted the instructions given on the offer. If you are still experiencing difficulty, please contact our support team on the form below.

You sent me a special offer and I missed it - can I still claim it?
Sorry, but no. All our special offers are only available for the time shown on the offer details.

I have accidentally purchased a category I already own!
No problem, please contact our support team on the form below with both order numbers and we can swap the duplicate order for something you do not already own.

Images are not loading!
The most likely reason for this is an internet issue. You may have very fast internet speeds and still experience problems for a wide variety of reasons. We recommend completing a speed test online to establish the speed of your connection. We also recommend that you temporarily turn WiFi OFF on your device, then try the app again. Does the app work properly now? With WiFi OFF, your device is forced to use the cell network for internet access. This test will confirm or disprove whether you have an issue with your WiFi.

I am experiencing glitches or crashes
"Outsmarted is a very stable app. If you are experiencing glitches or crashes, there are four possible causes

1. There is a problem with your connection to the internet: You can eliminate this as a possible cause by playing Outsmarted off wi-fi temporarily to see if this resolves the issue. You may also experience problems if you are playing Outsmarted on a school or college router - School routers typically block any app not explicitly approved for student use. You can either ask you IT helper to enable these ports: UDP protocol ports 5058, 5055, and 5056, or you may create a tethered hotspot using your cell device. The temporary hotspot you create can be used for the game host device to connect to, and play without being inhibited.

2. You are using the device for other things at the same time as playing Outsmarted (for example, sending texts) which might cause Outsmarted to become unstable. If this is causing an issue for you, you may wish to use another device as the host so you can continue using your phone whilst playing.

3. Your device does not meet the requirements to run Outsmarted: Outsmarted can run on most iOS, Android and Windows operating systems. Outsmarted requires an internet connection, iOS 14 or greater, Android 9 or greater, Windows 10 or greater and a minimum of 2GB of available RAM (3GB recommended). Outsmarted is not compatible with Fire tablets. We do not provide support for MAC devices.

The fourth possibility is that the Outsmarted app has become corrupt for some reason on your device (s). There are instructions for a complete re-install included in our instructions here, or you can contact us on the support form below and we will walk you through this.


What is the license key?
The license key is a 16-digit number included in the game box (this may be an alphanumeric string for older versions of the game), which you use to register your copy of Outsmarted to unlock the app and all its features. Without your license key, the Outsmarted app will be locked, only allowing you to enter a join-game code to join someone else’s game.

I lost my licence key
Please send the email address you registered with to our support team via the form below and they will assist you with recovering it! Please be aware that we cannot issue replacement license keys – you must find the email address used to register the app.

What is a redeem code?
When you buy a bundle, multipack or question category from our website, we’ll email you a redeem code. Enter this in the app to activate what you’ve bought.

I didn’t get my redeem code
If you ordered from our website and didn’t get your redeem code, please check your spam folder. If you can’t find the email, please contact our support team on the form below for assistance. If you purchased a question category inside the app, you won’t receive a redeem code, as the pack will be activated automatically.

How do I activate a question pack I have purchased?
When you purchase question packs in the app itself, these are automatically activated. However, if you purchase a bundle, multipack or question pack on our website or via a voucher, you’ll need to activate it in the game.

When you make your purchase, you’ll receive an email with your redeem code or codes. To activate these, open the Outsmarted app and start a new game. Step 3 in your pre-game set-up is the “SELECT YOUR SIX CATEGORIES” screen. Once here, enter your redeem code in the redeem code box on the top right of the screen, and select the "REDEEM" button. That’s it - your new question pack is now unlocked and ready to use.


How do I make Outsmarted play on my TV?
Displaying Outsmarted on your TV is a function between your device and your TV and so making this happen is a process that varies depending on the make and model of the device you are using to play the game and the make and model of your TV. Outsmarted does not make that process happen – but we can certainly give you some help getting it set up! Click here to download our handy guide to connecting to your TV.