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You can find the answer to the most popular questions here. 

Q. What's the difference between the Retail and the Deluxe version?
A. There is no difference in terms of gameplay, the Deluxe version does include some great extras. Click here for a link that explains the exact difference between the two versions and what they include.

Q. How exactly does Remote Play work? 
A. Remote Play enables players / teams in other locations to join your game. There are three ways to play remotely, click here for a full explanation of how Remote Play functions.

Q. When will my delivery arrive?
A. Usually, orders will be fulfilled within 48 hours from the moment of ordering to delivery. The exception is orders made in October & November 2020 which will not be fulfilled until the first 10 days of December when our first stock becomes available. 

Q. How do you send me my delivery?
A. Deliveries in the UK are sent by next-day "signed for" courier delivery service, for other countries the method of delivery varies by territory.   

Q. Do I need an internet connection to play?
A. Yes, you will need an internet connection to download the Outsmarted app and then during gameplay as all of the question content and game management is handled by our game servers.

Q. What shall I do if Outsmarted doesn't work on my device?
A. Please contact us and we will assist you with resolving your issue. 

If your question is not covered by our Frequently Asked Questions then please get in touch