Outsmarted - the UK’s bestselling new board game!

Feel the pressure! Rack your brains!! Beat the clock!!! as you try not to be Outsmarted...

Outsmarted is the world's first fully interactive board game. We've used the power of technology to create the most exciting board game ever!! The board game that feels like hosting a Live TV Quiz Show in your living room!

The Outsmarted app links seamlessly to the physical game board so that Outsmarted can host the entire show!

Choose your genius character, roll the dice and then its a frantic dash around the board to be the first to collect all six IQ Rings and make it to the "Final Round" where victory is yours for the taking.

Play as individuals or in teams, put the whole family in the hotseat!! Players of ALL ages can learn to play in just a couple of minutes... Outsmarted adjusts the question difficulty to a player's age so that everyone in the family can play together and anyone can win!!

Outsmarted is packed packed full of innovative 21st Century features - team play modes, timed game modes, player & team stats, remote-play capabilities and random events.

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Questions that have to be seen and heard!

Outsmarted uses the very best in commercially licensed images, music and video clips to create a truly one-of-a-kind experience.

Scenes from movies, television shows, breaking news, UK & International sports, celebrity, music, science, nature and historical events... It's all here!

Almost all of the questions in Outsmarted feature an image, song or video clip... And with 6,000+ questions included that's over 50 hours of interactive family fun for less than the price of a takeaway!

If in the future you would like more questions or just want to customise the game with more of the kinds of questions you love then the in-app Question Store even gives you instant access to a choice of low cost additional question packs.

TRY ME FIRST! Get the FREE app now

Download the FREE Outsmarted app now and try a limited selection of sample questions for yourself before you buy the game.

There's sample questions in all six categories for all three age ranges!

One more thing... TRY NOT TO BE OUTSMARTED!!

Watch our full product launch video

Filmed back in March 2020 (using an early prototype) our launch video propelled us to in excess of 10,000 unit sales in our first month on Kickstarter! 

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Thousands of Outstanding Reviews

"I'm not sure what we did before Outsmarted. This is the first game the WHOLE family has sat around to play at a table in years and years!"

"This is like Trivial Pursuit crossed with Who Wants to be a Millionare.. Incredible fun"

This game is incredible!!!!!!  I am so happy I bought this. We have currently only played it in the same house but I’m so excited about what it is capable of..

"Played at the weekend, loved it can see it taking over as the family favourite instead of Articulate which we have been playing for over 20yrs. Over that time we have tried loads of board games but this has been the best yet."

"Well done for creating a game that teenagers actually want to play with their parents. 

You’ve brought families back together with this idea. Well done."

"We now have a regular Sunday afternoon Outsmarted hour with my daughter, who has now also purchased the game! It’s great for our grandchildren who love the interaction, but who also get questions suitable to keep their interest and without knowing it getting a little bit of extra education! The fact that they can use their phone to play is a big draw for them! We love it!" 

What if the future was here... NOW?

Imagine a board game packed full of 21st Century features. Once you've played Outsmarted there's no going back. More exciting, more involving, more interactive... Traditional board game MEETS Live Quiz Show... So join the revolution and see what you've been missing!

  • New Questions added daily

    Free feature updates and fresh new daily content mean Outsmarted never gets boring! Plus, there's a virtually unlimited supply of questions...

  • It's Fully Interactive

    Outsmarted uses device-driven tech to create a board game experience that feels like being in a real TV Quiz Show!!

  • Smart Game Host

    Outsmarted hosts the show, making it easy for anyone, of any age, to join in the game. 

  • Anyone can win!

    Outsmarted even adjusts question difficulty to a player's age to create a level playing field where anyone in the family can win!

A Level Playing Field

Smart Game AI adjusts the question difficulty dynamically to a player's age to create a level playing field. Everyone in the family can play together & anyone can win!

Bonuses & Surprises

Expect the unexpected. From random bonuses, to wheel spins, treasure chests and bonus lifelines. 

Now that's a great question!

Outsmarted features 6,000+ Interactive questions featuring video, images and sound, in 6 innovative categories.
Breaking News

If it happened yesterday it could be in our Breaking News category today!

Quick Thinking

Brain twisting logic and reasoning.. all against the clock!

Back 2 School

All the things you should have learned at school! With a modern twist

Sound & Music

From "name that tune" to "name that sound" and all the best Music Trivia

TV, Film & Books

From blockbuster movies to classical literature and everything in between

Pub Quiz

Welcome to the weird and wonderful world of Pub Trivia


Now you can play with friends and family wherever they are in the world. Outsmarted's remote play capabilities make it possible, click on the link below to find out more.

  • Go On - Get Connected

    2 - 24 Players. Ages 8 +. Compatible with iOS (Apple), Android & Windows 10 devices.

    Play using just one device, or connect as many additional devices as you wish as quiz controllers. Friends and family can even join your game remotely.

  • Mighty Genius

    Choose to play as one of 6 of history's most iconic dead Wise Guys. Characters from history brought to life in glorious 3D detail.  

  • It's a Modern Classic

    It's not just tech... Everything about Outsmarted helps to make it a thrilling 21st Century board game experience.