Customer Reviews

82% of Amazon customers give Outsmarted 5 stars!  

Our favourite family game

This game is absolutely brilliant. My parents bought this game a couple of years ago and we’ve recently bought our own version to play at home. With every update this game gets better, can’t wait to see what they do next.

Gemma Norrs, Amazon UK

Great Family Game

Our family have played this game every week since we bought it. Our 6 year old grandson loves playing it with all the grown ups and the questions are a good mix of difficulty. Having the questions through the app, keeps them up to date. The option to set a time on the game is helpful too. A great fun game for family get together.

Caroline Pope, Amazon UK

Holy Family-Fun, Batman!

I don’t know if it was the cool characters, the interesting questions, the interaction with my tablet, or the ability to play online with friends from anywhere in the world! Doesn’t matter. I finally found a game that my kids actually enjoy which means I get to spend hours of fun with them!

Jameson Bass, Amazon USA

So much fun!

We love this game! Highly recommended! Perfect for a family game night. Perfect for a date game night. Perfect for a group game night. The remote player option is also brilliant. Everything about the game: packaging, pieces, content, production is on point. Don’t hesitate to pick this one up!

Brundl3.Fly, Apple App Store


Brilliant game, it's our favorite family game, with different questions depending on age it makes it very fair for children to compete against the adults. New categories added regularly as well as new question packs. Can not recommend enough. BEST GAME EVER.

Jayne Lawson, Google Play Store 

A great gamily board game

A great family board game that we can play across our own devices and in different locations. Great question categories, extremely varied for all knowledge levels and ages and regular updates by the developers makes for a great board game. 5 star fun.

Chris Cairns, Google Play Store

Even the TEEN likes it!

Easy to set up and play. Love that the questions are current and that you have the ability to purchase other categories for more variety (although the variety of free ones is great.) My teen even likes playing this game, which is saying something because as we all know, teens don’t like anything. He actually initiated a game the other day and chose to play 2 rounds in a row. I also like that there are different difficulty levels for everyone in the family so we can all play together and feel equal.

Lanalouhoo, Amazon

Best family game

We play a lot of games as a family. I bought this with the intention of giving it to the family at Christmas time, but it sounds like so much fun. We had to open early. It did not disappoint! We had so much fun, and I plan on sending this game to all of my family and friends for Christmas

Brandi Gilbert, Amazon

Best Entertaining Family Game Ever!

If you want a game that is suitable for the entire family, guarantees laughter, requires strategic thinking, and encourages competition, then your search ends here. I took a risk and now I hold the title of the top game chooser in our household.

C Carter, United Kingdom

Whole Family Fun

I have to try an contain my excitement while writing this review. This game is ABSOLUTELY FUN!!! The gameplay is super easy to learn and the game never get's boring. Each time we have a family game night, this is the preferred game of choice. It does require a smartphone or tablet for the interactive questions.

 The game comes with 8 categories but you can purchase additional game categories (Netflix, Zoo animals, Sports, etc.) for very reasonable additional charges (each one is $1.99 in the app).

If you purchase this game (I highly recommend you do), be prepared for endless hours of fun! It's great for all ages and the questions are relevant to the age group of each player when it's their turn.

John Staiert, Amazon


We bought this game for our occasional game night with friends. But we soon realized it’s great to play with family across the country and even our son in college. The questions are fun for all of our interests and everyone is able to participate and be equally challenged. It’s also one of the few games we have where we can play with just two players. It gets used so frequently, it lives on our coffee table. We are looking forward to trying more categories but we haven’t come close to using up all of the questions. Highly recommend and fun for all ages and “smartness” 🧐!

Scott C, Amazon

Best board game ever!

Outsmarted is a fun exciting game that keeps you thinking while keeping your interest and is entertaining. There’s no time to get bored. Each player can play on their own remote screen. The categories are fresh and educational. Learn while having fun with the family and friends. Trivial pursuit on Steroids! Outsmarted, by far, is the best board game I’ve played. Absolutely love it! 

Lindsay Chilton, Amazon

This game is top notch

We have played (according to our stats) 25 times in the past month! My kids adore that they are able to be competitive in the same game as adults and the categories and questions are interesting and fun for everyone. It is the one game that we have played repeatedly over all of our other choices. We have all learned so much by playing this game and reading the questions and answers out loud to each other. We love getting to refresh the game with new categories every few weeks. This game is five stars! 

Elizabeth C, Amazon

Great Game for the Whole Family!

My family loves trivia games, but it can be difficult to find one that can be played (and enjoyed) by everyone at the same time. They're either too easy for the adults or too difficult for the kids. One of my favorite features of Outsmarted!, besides the ability to maintain up-to-date questions in the "Breaking News" category, is the ability to have the difficulty of the questions scaled depending on the player's age. That way, younger kids, teenagers, and adults can all play and enjoy the same game together! My daughter loved that she legitimately beat me in a trivia game that appropriately challenged both of us. Fun game with lots of different categories, including Harry Potter questions, that I highly recommend!

Anthony Dolan, Amazon

So Much Fun!!!

This game is so fun to play as a family! The ability to play as individuals or as team (and the ability to mix up the teams from game to game) make it not only fun but very replayable! The game also adapts the questions and categories for different ages meaning everyone can play together and not feel left out or that the questions are too difficult. In addition, the ease of purchasing new question sets mean that you get a different game every time. It also means that you can tailor the game to the specific interests of the people playing. You can even let more people join the game from other locations via the app making it great if you don't live close to family and want to enjoy a game night together!

Heather, Amazon

Super fun game for all ages

We have played this game with all ages (10-80) and everyone loves it (even non-board game people Like it). We love that you can play with your friends who aren’t there. It’s a nice feature for an easy game night when trying coordinate busy schedules for in person.

There’s just so many options for this game, play in person or virtual or both…yep! Play a short 30 minute game or regular version that takes as long as it takes…yep! Play in teams…yep! And one of the best parts is you can pick tons of different categories so there really is something for everyone! We have had lots of laughs over Outsmarted and sometimes we even learn stuff. :) you won’t regret buying this!

Emm B, Amazon

Great Game!

Love this game. It’s a little bit like the other ‘pie’ like one but having online updates means it’s bang up to date. Shocked (in a good way) that there were news questions which only happened a few days prior.

Nice bit of competitiveness in that every game is recorded with player and team leaderboards. Really cannot fault it and like that the question groups are reasonably priced. 

Simon Q, Amazon

Simple to set up hours of fun

I was dubious about this but willing to give it a go as I had a dinner party coming up and desperately searching for a new game. Even tipsy and a large rowdy group we quickly understood the rules and the set up was super simple. Since then we have had the game out many times in different situations and groups and always had a great time. My favourite part is how the game updates its questions!

Mr Peter Hope, Amazon UK

Amazing game!!!

This is without doubt one of the best games we have ever played!! It’s such a unique game and I love that it’s so up to date. We played it as a family on a weekend away and had such a good night! We played it 3 times in a row and have never done that before with a game. The fact that it picks questions relevant for children is great and as everyone pretty much has a device of some sort means it’s super easy to get connected. You can also play the game together even if you’re miles away too because all you need is your device as long as someone has the game. 

A.C, Amazon

Brilliant fun

This game is fantastic. Current, up to date questions with interactivity. The graphics are fantastic and we have really loved being able to set the level of questions for all age groups and mixed teams. Think who wants to be a millionaire meets trivial pursuit and you've got outsmarted. Remote play allows us to involve kids away at uni so we can still have family games together. Really easy to use, great concept and brilliant fun. So glad I bought it - a must have for the Christmas period!!! 

JR, Amazon UK