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Outsmarted's Remote Play capabilities open up a new world of board game entertainment - play with friend and family wherever they are in the world!

There are three ways to play remotely, here is a run down of all three options:

1) You own the game, the remote players / teams also own the game

In this case all parties can use the physical board to move their genius characters around their board. 

There only limitations are those of a standard game - you can have a maximum of 6 players or 6 teams (of up to 4 players per team). In other words with Remote Play you can play against six other players / teams, each in completely different locations if you wished. 

The hosting party adds the players / teams and starts a normal game as if the players were all present in the same room. They then send the unique "join game" code that is generated to the remote players / teams. The remote players / teams can then join the game! It's as simple as that... 

2) You own the game, the remote players / teams do not own the game 

This works in the same way as above, except that that the remote players / teams do not have a physical board.

It is therefore necessary for the remote players / teams to have a Zoom or similar video connection to see the board and to ask the host to move their player character to their desired space when it is their turn.

They can even roll the dice using the virtual dice in the absence of a physical dice! 

3) Use the Virtual Board 

In February 2021 we will release a free update for all game owners that includes a virtual version of the board. With this version all players roll the dice, select their moves etc. using the app and the virtual board. 

They can see the position of all remote / players teams within the app and the physical board is not utilised. 

We are developing this mode in response to the need for social distancing to provide our players with another option for play with their friends and family in these unusual times.