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Will YOU be Outsmarted?

Outsmarted - the revolutionary, device-driven board game uses the power of technology to create the most exciting, immersive board game experience ever!! Put your friends & family in the Hot Seat of your own ‘Live TV Quiz Show’.

Learn to play in just a minute

Outsmarted makes it easy, it asks the questions, it knows whose turn it is next and keeps track of each player's progress.

On your turn roll the dice and then move your chosen genius character around the Outsmarted gameboard with the aim of landing on the 6 Q ring spaces. Get a ring question right, you win the ring! Collect all 6 rings first and just like a real-life Quiz Show, you'll make it through to the Final Round where victory could be yours. 

Outsmarted's hosted gameplay means it only takes a minute for players of any age to learn to play and understand the rules. 

Multiple game modes

Choose your game duration - You can choose from 30 / 60 & 90 minute fixed duration game lengths to suit you, or a game with no time limit where the game ends when a player / team is victorious in the Final Round. 

Choose to play as individuals or in teams - Play head-to-head in an individual game or in the exciting team mode which allows for up to 6 teams, with a maximum of 4 players per team. 

Choose to play a standard game or a points based game - Points based games let you collect points as you progress around the gameboard, the winner is the player / team that has earned the most points at the end of the game. 

Lifelines and bonuses

Outsmarted has three types of lifelines, during game setup you decide how many sets of lifelines to provide to each player / team, additional lifelines can be earned during the game. The three types of lifelines are:

30 seconds - Gives an extra 30 seconds on the clock during a question
50 / 50 - Eliminates two incorrect answers during a question
Skip question - Allows you to skip to the next question if you don't know the answer

There are several bonuses available during the game that allow you to win additional lifelines or even go directly to a ring space!

Always up to date

In Outsmarted the questions are always up to date with new questions and even free add-on bonus categories added on a regular basis. The 'Breaking News' category features questions about recent events and is updated daily. If it was in the news yesterday it could be in the game today. 

Keep your progress

Outsmarted stores the results from all past games for all players and teams. So you can see in an instant who's the current champion in your own league table. 


Outsmarted is the first board game in the world with remote-play capabilities. Friends & family can join your physical game no matter how far away they are. Remote players can use the virtual dice and the virtual board and there's even built in voice chat that connects everyone in the game!

Age adjusted difficulty

Outsmarted knows the age of each player and ensures junior and teen players receive age appropriate questions automatically. A level playing field means everyone in the family can play together and anyone can win!

6,500+ Multimedia Questions

Most traditional trivia / quiz games include around 1,000 (text-only) questions. In comparison Outsmarted features:  

  • 6,000+ questions
  • Age-specific for kids, teens and adults
  • Free add-on bonus categories 
  • Questions that are always up to date

Best of all, the questions in Outsmarted feature pictures, song clips and video clips, further elevating the game play!

If you play a lot or if you just want to customise your game there's an in-app question store which gives you instant access to a library of great free and low cost additional packs and categories!